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Money for damaged cars, we are the main accident damaged car buyers if your looking to sell damaged cars for cash in the uk with a salvage yard in every city allowing us to offer a same day crashed car buying service, often insurance write off cars and smashed up vehicles are offered back to the original owner at a small fraction of the pre accident value as a part settlement of your claim, uk scrap and salvage will buy write off cars for cash, we buy category b c d x and unrecorded vehicles.


If you own a fixed crashed car or if you have been selling a damaged repaired car you may have found it difficult as it puts many potential buyers off, it also will be showing up on the hpi register as having an insurance claim against it, selling a cat c | selling a cat d write off.


Road traffic accidents are on the increase, thus meaning more salvage damaged vehicles, we understand some drivers choose not to or can not claim through there insurance for reasons such as being hit by an unisured driver, third party risk only, vandal damaged, crashed on private land whatever the reason we will pay top money for unrecorded damaged vehicles.


There are many rouge salvage car dealers in Britain can you afford not to use us?

Our salvage car agents conform to the enviroment agency, dvla & e.l.v rules.


We guaruntee the v5c logbook paperwork to be completed properly sometimes it may not be present as insurance companies withhold the logbook untill a vic vehicle identity check has been completed for cat c vehicles, if so we have a different form for you to complete, your proof that your car is now no longer owned by you on the driving vehicle licensing agency's records.    


We buy damaged cars for cash, we do NOT charge any admin fees, no waiting for cheques just fill out the form below and we will make an offer, you accept we collect!


Any type of vehicle can fall into our salvage car category if it is a salvage bmw | salvage mercedes | salvage range rover | salvage porsche | salvage jaguar | salvage bentley | salvage ferrari you will recieve alot more damaged car for money than for example a vauxhall or a ford.


When considering selling a prestige damaged car these often have salvageable re-sellable parts which increase your damaged cars worth or damaged cars value, when car recycling newer vehicles it is often referred to as selling a salvage car | dismantling a car for cash | selling a write off | selling a crashed car.


For older than 2007 or budget made vehicles with no economically salvageable parts these are covered by our scrap car service.

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